Technical Musings on Server Related Topics

My meager attempt to share some tips and tricks and other niceties picked up along the way. I'm primarily working with enterprise network firewalls and Windows server systems running on VMware virtualization. I'm fortunate to have had some great hands-on experience over the years resulting in the network version of bloody knuckles. My current environment has a lot of great technology and a strong company to run it for.

We are a small but growing VMware shop with three host servers at the data center. We're int the process of migrating more virtual to keep the growth rate of rack usage down. The servers are basically all Windows Server 2003. There are about 20 physical and 30 virtual machines at the data center with another 20 physical servers spread through the regional offices. We also have a couple big Sun Solaris box to run the Sybase ASE and replication server on windows. A few of those virtual machines are special purpose Linux boxes too.

So that's my world view. Small to medium network running VPN over the internet with mostly windows servers doing the work.

Troubleshooting Microsoft Terminal Server Printing

By Steve Puluka on 03-Oct-10 15:16. Comments (1)

Terminal server printing has always been a black art with a large number of hand-offs just asking not to work correctly. I've compiled this list of items to check when the trees cannot be killed.

Active Directory Logon Hours Restrictions

By Steve Puluka on 03-Jul-09 16:14. Comments (0)

I recently had to use the feature for restricting network accessibility by time of day. This is an age old security restriction on systems I've learned about since the dawn of my network support experience in the 90's. But it was a feature that was never used on any of the networks I've managed. When I finally had to use the feature on Windows Server the simple interface had me stymied by a simple question "What time zone?" The nice display with the 24 hours a day columns and seven day a week rows begged the question.

VMware ESXi Using Cheap NAS

By Steve Puluka on 24-Jun-09 18:46. Comments (8)

I successfully used a $400 NAS from Netgear as shared network storage for ESXi server. The key is NFS shares and a simple command line utility. The solution scales up well in their line of products which continues to be very affordable even on large storage capacity units.

NIC Issues after Virtual Hardware Upgrade Server 2003 in VMware

By Steve Puluka on 21-Jun-09 09:18. Comments (0)

Running the application version of VMware I upgraded from version 1 to version 2 and the overall management features and performance were much better. The new system reported in the management console that VM hardware for the guest operating system was out of date. Upgrading seemed like a good idea. There was a warning that the virtual hardware on the VM guest machines would be upgraded but again I found the performance better so I went for it.